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Past Events

EdCareers event poster with featured panelists.
This picture has a black background with line drawings of multi-color figures. The words 2018 Annual Meeting show in the bottom left-hand corner.
Movie poster with Coco characters and guitar.
Yellow arrows moving around a green globe
This is an evening skyline view of Hong Kong.
This is a picture of the skyline of Singapore in the early evening.
Picture is an outline of a lightbulb with a light blue background.
This is a nighttime picture of the Los Angeles skyline with the Griffith Observatory in the foreground.
Two children smiling with youcubed logo.
This is the GSE logo on a white basketball going through the hoop.
An image of the New York City skyline.
Photo of a group of Stanford alumni sitting at a round table posing for the camera.
Red wreath surrounding the words Alumni Excellence in Education Award. Along the bottom the words Stanford Graduate School of Education
A photos of the Mary Bell Floyd Courtyard.
Photo of the Stanford stadium from the end zone.
The words LDT Expo. The O in Expo is a lightbulb, and there are gears and circuits in the image connected to light it up.
Photo of Beverly Tatum
Photo of Jacqueline Woodson sitting against some bookshelves.
Worker helping a small child drill into a board. Stanford Beyond the Farm logo.
the numbers 1, 0, and 0 forming the GSE Centennial Logo